Our inaugural Hackathon in May 2014 drew 77 employees from seven countries, all competing for one coveted prize, a trip to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.

With 16 final demos, competition for the grand prize was fierce. Check out the winners, "REAX", and the rest of the finalists below!

Winners: REAX

Team: David Cunha, Raman Nanda, Martino Buffolino, Rong Zhang, Ro Purushotham

Concept: A tool that captures real-time reaction videos & gifs while users watch content on our site.

Finalist: Full Circle

Team: Michelle Martinez Lee, Rob Ruffler, Eugene Goncharov, Gaius Benbow, Aaron Eisses

Concept: An animated in-slate experience for related video content

Finalist: G-Pass

Team: Guy Lee, Patrick Moraitis, Adam Arif, Shafik Quoraishee, Sean Murphy

Concept: A Google Chromecast game that lets kids interact with our videos

Finalist: Party Zone

Team: Alec Hendry, Paul Reeves, Tom Pain, Nicolo Alberti, Giuseppe Masi, Allison Basile, Cy Cary

Concept: A party playlist site where users can vote to take control of the next song.

Best Demo: Fresh Prince Video

Team: Amanda Gharghour, Shantelena Mouzon, Wil Wong, Claudio Brandolino, Ralf Jacob

Concept: Timestamp commenting on video clips

Fresh Prince Video